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The words derivation comes from the Greek word – to dip or immerse, and following the practice of Christians from the earliest times, we baptise new Christians.  Living so close to the sea, a place where there is plenty of water, we of course use our local resource.

Why Do It:

Jesus’ command was to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptising them In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit”- Mathew chapter 28.  We do the same.

It draws a line over your old life.  You are saying to the local Christian community, your friends and family, that you have decided to follow Jesus. In this country the cost of being baptised can often be quite low, but if you’re living in other countries, if your country is muslim majority for example, this simple step of obedience may cost you your life, or disenfranchise you from your family.

What happens before:

We get together, make sure you are prepared and understand what you are doing, and sort out some of the practicalities of the day.

Health and Safety

We baptise in the sea, between the months of May and September -so there is always the possibility (however unlikely) of gales or the sea being unsuitable to enter.

We also have a couple of life guards in the church who will be in attendance.

Who do I contact:

Please contact one of the leaders in the church, or email the church office.


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