MISSION TO BRIGHTON………….. every Friday / Saturday


In the whole history of the church, there has never been any movement inside the church, without people going outside the church. 

The call from Jesus is to GO

Every Friday and Saturday- we are going to dedicate as much time as possible, to going out onto the central streets of our city, expressing our love for all comers, by offering prayer,  answering any questions and smiling a lot.

We will be giving some training in how to operate in Spiritual Gifts on the streets using Prayer Chair.  Jesus trained his disciples “on the go,” and mostly “out and about” on the streets.  His training wasn’t confined to the classroom.  In fact classroom training, tends to stay in the classroom, whereas rabbinical training was always very much hands on – going out – meeting people with the expectancy that God is involved and co-working with you.

In our experience the reason why so many professing Christians find it so hard or nigh on impossible to evangelise, prophesy, heal the sick etc, isn’t an unwillingness to learn – its just a lack of practice and training.  Its great fun co-working with God, and seeing the power of His kingdom in demonstration on the streets of Brighton and Hove.


9.30 am for 10.00 am START WITH WORSHIP UNTIL 4PM


Its for those used to praying for people on the streets and those that have never tried, for new Christians, old Christians and Christians of every denomination.  All are welcome to sign up and attend.

The day will involve practical teaching and demonstrations, going out into the city, and feedback with a time for questions and answers.

Chris Simmons / Michael Farkas /  and others from the church regularly train people.

We absolutely believe that, and that the majority of visitors to our city, and the 250,000 people who live here, have never had a real bona fide Christian pray for them, or experience something of the presence of God.  We want in these coming years to change that, and make it the other way around.

Want to be involved – contact us for more information.




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