Ministry Trips at Brighton Vineyard Church.

Where are the trips?

From time to time Chris is invited to speak and minister abroad, cross-denominationally, to Christians all over the world. This has meant recently Chris has traveled and taken teams to Europe, Africa, The Russian Federation and South East Asia.

The trips are team building, fun, and you get to pray and minister to people in other cultures, whilst sharing meals and often sleeping in local homes. People come away from the trips excited and more cross-culturally aware as to how Christians in other parts of the world worship. They always come away having been used by God, and many times surprised at themselves and how God used them

Why would I come on a trip?

Chris writes – “A couple of years ago whilst ministering in Russia a member of Krasnoyarsk Vineyard, told me that ten years before, I pointed him out in a ministry time saying the Holy Spirit was upon him. He then said that Jesus appeared in front of him and walked towards him. He said he was overwhelmed by His love and he asked Jesus about his son who was ill. Jesus told him his son would be fine and then left him. This is one of the hundreds of amazing supernatural instances I could point too, including healings, prophetic words, deliverances and someone directly prophesying the birth of our firstborn child” This kind of extraordinary signs and wonders often occur as we go out, and freely give whatever we have received. This is true on the streets or if we get to travel abroad. Jesus truly goes with us and we expect Him to do what He loves to do. Over the years I have seen God, again and again, do the most extraordinary things in going out to other countries or simply onto the streets of Brighton. Do ask others who have come away on ministry trips before.

Who pays to travel? All ministry trips are self-funded by those wishing to travel, with lots of help in arranging travel documents and visas, hotels / local homes to stay in and a full itinerary.

Disclaimer: Some areas of travel can be more dangerous, including simply stepping into roads and looking the wrong way. Some countries are more intolerant towards Christians sharing their faith openly. The church, therefore, asks that anyone wishing to come onto a team is willing to sign a disclaimer that they understand the risks of traveling, – that could in the worst instance result in injury or death.