Chris is looking to take a team over half term in May/ June.

Its such a privilege to be asked to speak and minister abroad, and we will be travelling with great expectation at what God The Holy Spirit will be doing.  The only qualifications needed are to be a committed Christian, a member of the church, humility, and a desire to place others before yourself.  Its not a holiday although we expect to have lots of fun.  We are going to pray for and bless another church, from children to pensioners, putting into practice all the ministry skills you have learnt at our church in Brighton.

Dates and location: (Its half term week)


31st May to June 3rd

Thursday is their teenage night
Friday is their youth service called Grow
Saturday they are having an international meeting in the city centre Billund Chris is speakng
Sunday is church

About the church and its location

Billund is the birthplace of Lego, a few short miles from the church. It is the major employer in the town, and is one of Denmarks major exports. The airport (which looks new) was built by the family that started lego, as a gift to their community. This will give you some idea about how Danes think, and their very egalitarian generous community minded culture.

The church is several hundred strong, ranging from children to pensioners and all in between.  In recent years we have seen God do some wonderful things, healing, deliverance, prophetic stuff, with the usual mix of God The Holy Spirit ministering to lots of crying people!

Why Would you come?

It’s a ministry trip that involves serving and praying for people, and is a great chance to pray and minister to people. Chris writes ” A couple of years ago whilst ministering in Denmark I prayed for a little eight year old girl standing in front of her mum (with permission from her) during an open ministry time in the church auditorium. I gave her a simple word like “Jesus says you mustn’t be afraid” – as I did so the Holy Spirit fell on her very powerfully and so I left her crying in the arms of her mother!  Fifteen minutes later she is still sobbing so I asked her mum to ask her what’s happening? – She said “It’s wonderful” and this experience even at eight years old overwhelmed her with God’s love, and changed her, to such an extent she no longer wanted to go to the kids church anymore but the adult services!”.

Seeing God’s activity is one of the most beautiful and real things you can ever see.  The Holy Spirit being poured out by God on all ages, and we get to freely give whatever we have received. This is one of hundreds of instances we could share. This is true on the streets or if we get to travel abroad. Jesus truly goes with us and we expect Him to do what He loves to do. Over the years I have seen God again and again do the most extraordinary things in going out to other countries or simply onto the streets of Brighton. Do ask others who have come away on ministry trips before”.

Cost and flights

The cost for the return flight is currently £75 with (see the dates and times below) -we won’t be taking out taking any hold luggage to keep the cost to a minimum, and are travelling with British Airways because it’s closer than Stansted. The cost however is to return on the Monday.

Check prices and contact Chris for more details.


Danish Summer camp 22nd to 28th July

Chris is also speaking in Denmark at a summer camp conference in July.  The main conference will be in Danish, but the subject of the conference is “The Gospel of Jesus”.  A great American theologian Scott McKnight is also speaking, and he is more than well worth listening too.  Chris is speaking on the Thursday evening on this subject The Gospel of Jesus.

Chris will also be travelling with Michael Farkas from BVC and together we will do some afternoon seminars on Prayer Chair, and praying for people on the streets.

The costs are the flights and cost of the conference with food provided.  Its incredible to be alongside our Christian brothers and sisters in Denmark, with plenty of time to “hang out” with one another.

See the website for more details if you’re a member of BVC and interested.



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