Waiting on God

Brighton Vineyard is a very informal church so you can dress however you like, and if you are a little late or need to make a quick exit, that’s no problem. Once you arrive, you can help yourself to free, fresh coffee or tea and some cake, from just inside the entrance. There will be plenty of people around to say hello and give you some more information about what’s happening and who’s who.

Find yourself somewhere to sit in the main hall by around 10.30, and the service starts with an opening welcome from Chris, our pastor, followed by about 25 minutes of worship led by one of our worship bands.

During this time the words are projected onto the screen above the band, and you can feel free to participate as much or as little as you want. On the first Sunday of the month we share in communion after the worship.

After the worship there are a few quick announcements, followed by a Bible based talk, which is usually about 25-35 minutes long, and consists of teaching from the Bible made relevant to life here and now. The service ends with an option for anyone who wants to receive personal prayer, otherwise, you will be dismissed to pick up your kids, grab another cup of coffee, meet some new people or just head home. We have free parking in the BHASVIC car park, directly in front of BHASVIC college.