Prayer Chair

Prayer chair is pretty much what it says on the tin. If the weather is fine, and especially in the summer, teams of us go out into the centre of Brighton and offer to pray for people. We usually have a few chairs set up in the middle of our buzzing city. In the summer Brighton attracts millions of visitors to its many hotels restaurants and beach front amenities. Last summer we prayed for hundreds of people on the streets, with many profoundly encouraged and touched to find that God’s love is tangible and real. People have been healed of physical and emotional ailments, and we go out expectantly.

In offering prayer, we aren’t psychologists or counsellors, (although some of us belong to those professions), we are simply Christians that believe God loves you and that He is real. You might be asked a question like “If God could work a miracle in your life, what would it be?” or simply “would you like some prayer?”. Every person is treated as an individual and prayed for as Jesus taught his disciples to pray for people, by laying our hand or hands appropriately on the person, or on some occasions anointing the individual(s) with oil. Wherever possible women pray for women and visa versa.

If we speak words that we call prophecy, then we encourage the recipient to record the words using their mobile device. We don’t claim every word to be divine, but we do endeavour to pray and prophesy over people, and expect God to speak through us.

We absolutely believe our prayers are heard, and that Jesus is the same today as when he walked the streets, hills and byways of the ancient near east 2000 years ago

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