Our Mission

Our church was started almost sixteen years ago, with a desire that it would be contemporary in its feel, true to the Bible, and able to move in the power and presence of God. We wanted a church that says “come as you are”. Today so many people have been changed as a result of our church starting, and every person has a story.


In a very real way God is chasing each one of us with his love. You are so important to God, and your life has incredible purpose and meaning as you discover your destiny in Jesus. Ask any Christian for their story and they can tell you how God has changed their life and given them purpose and meaning above and beyond anything they could at first believe.


God is interested in a relationship with us individually, but calls us to walk together as a community. It’s a togetherness empowered by His love. We are one of millions of communities walking out our belief that Jesus is God’s son, who died on the cross for our sins, and is risen from the dead


Our meeting together and our lives are all about Jesus. Jesus taught us to pray “Our Father in heaven” –a God who is no longer unknown and distant, but one who is close and loving. Jesus’ words are as revolutionary to human beings of every culture faith and belief system, as they were to the Israelites living in the ancient near east 2000 years ago.

What kind of church are we?

Our firm belief at Brighton Vineyard is that God calls us all to ‘come as we are’, and one of the aims of our church is to welcome newcomers and anyone who’s unsure about, or seeking after, God. We want to get to know Jesus better, and to do everything we can to help others connect with Him as well.

Here at Brighton Vineyard we come from increasingly different cultures, as well as coming in all different shapes and sizes! We have people from differing socio-economic groups, religious backgrounds and age groups, and that’s the way church is meant to be.
We hold to all the ancient beliefs of the historic church, as well as embracing the newer expressions of Christianity of which, of course, we are a part. The best thing I want anyone of us to say about our church is not that we are Vineyard, or anything else, but rather to say that we are simply “Christians”.

Loving God. Loving People.

Who’s who

Chris & Natasha

Chris and Natasha Simmons
– Senior Pastors

Chris planted the church more years ago than he likes to remember, when he was 33 years old and single. Chris then met Natasha when he was speaking at a Vineyard church in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Chris is egged on consistently to keep fit by Natasha, but the good meals his wife cooks him means he’s often fighting a losing battle! However, many early mornings you might catch him jogging to the lagoon and back, or enjoying time in the park with their daughter Anna.


Mike Crawford
– Worship Pastor

Mike is married to Sally and has two young children. He has been leading worship on and off at Brighton Vineyard since it started, and has the privilege of training others to do the same.


Mike Bebee – PA Team Coordinator

Mike organises the PA at church, heading up the team that makes sure the sound works each Sunday morning! If you have a musical ear and can cope with technology, he’s always looking to train new people.


Charlotte and Ruben – Website

Charlotte and Ruben maintain the website and mobile App. Charlotte has been a member of the church for more than 10 years and they are very happy to welcome you on Sunday mornings.

Chris & Lyn

Chris and Lyn Knight
– Pastoral Elders

Our pastoral elders help oversee the vision and direction of the church together with Chris and Natasha. Chris Knight is currently leading one of our Spring term small groups and serves on the worship team, and Lyn also oversees our hospitalities team on Sunday mornings.


Sally Crawford
– Church Administrator

Sally is the church administrator and works one day a week in the church office.
She leads the team who look after Little Stars on a Sunday morning and has 2 young children of her own, and also plays keyboard regularly in one of our Sunday morning bands.


Van Salisbury
– Community Action Coordinator

Van oversees a variety of community action projects, including Carpenters Arms, a monthly event providing a hot meal, activities and company for the insecurely housed, ‘the Christmas Wrap’, our free present wrapping service at Christmas, links with local charity ‘Hummingbird’ in providing support for refugees, activities and events with local charity ‘Time to Talk’ and more. Van also hosts a small group at her home in Hanover, Brighton.


Andy Nicholson – Set up Team coordinator

Each Sunday morning that we meet together involves setting up the children’s church and our main auditorium with PA, chairs, welcome desk and catering. Andy is head of our set up team – he makes sure that church happens and is always on the look out for willing volunteers!

Martin & Ellie

Martin and Ellie Riley
– Pastoral Elders

Martin and Ellie joined Brighton Vineyard 16 years ago, soon after getting married. Now they are Pastoral Elders, helping to oversee the vision and direction of the church.Ellie is a straight talking northerner who enjoys sharing from the Bible as part of the teaching team. They share a dry sense of humour and love to walk on the Downs with their rescue dog – a pretty little Spanish galgo.


Kate Deaud – Brighton Vineyard Kids (BVK) Coordinator

We are an extremely ‘child friendly’ church with a committed team of volunteers making up our children’s church leaders and helpers. Kate oversees this wonderful BVK team, coordinating kids’ church rotas, curriculum and events. She is also a trained teacher, and married to Claude, with three children.


Daryl McPhail – Small groups coordinator

Daryl oversees the running of small groups, which each run for a term and are a great way to get connected with others in the church. If you’d like to join a group, have an idea for one or just have questions about small groups in Brighton Vineyard, contact Daryl via bvcsmallgroups@gmail.com. For information about the groups that are running this term, see our small groups page.

Want to worship with us?

For any further information about Brighton Vineyard please don’t hesitate to contact us: Telephone: 01273-719898 Email: office@brightonvineyard.com You can also message us via facebook

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