The Kingdom of God – The way in and the way on ( 2 of 2)

Chris delivers the second in the series on The Kingdom of God. It’s the central message of Jesus but what is this kingdom and how do you get in. Chris looks at the overarching story of the bible and the way Jesus taught parables and told stories about the kingdom, then demonstrated its nearness with healing the sick and demonised. Its a real explanation if you need one as to the laws and rules (the ten commandments) and what they are doing there, and why God gave them to a nation.  If you want to more insight into Jesus and His message this talk will help you.  The kingdom of God is still here and moving forward the same way. If you’ve ever wondered what you’re called too as a human being and the demands of Jesus if you want to know him listen with anticipation. Not for the feint hearted.

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