Impartation for revival to England from Avivamiento church in Colombia to pastors Steve, Richard, Chris, Ruben and Charlotte

About the church in Bogota

Avivamiento (Spanish for revival) church in  Bogota Colombia has literally seen hundreds of thousands of people converted to Christ in the last twenty five years. They are true revivalists, humble and hungry for The Spirit, allowing  The Spirit to lead their meetings.  The Pastors Ricardo and Patricia have faithfully led the church during this time, and if anyone can prophesy over the UK with authority then they can.


Pastors Ricardo and Patricia are seen here in this short clip prophesying and praying for three of us pastors from the UK, Steve Barber (front and Pastor of Chroma Church Leicester), Richard Green (Pastor of a New Frontiers church in Bedford) and Chris Simmons with Charlotte and Ruben from Brighton Vineyard Church.

The Prophecy

Its now time for the UK, and that we can fan into flame once again the flames of the next revival in the UK.

“There is a time for God, and this is His wonderful time for England”. Patricia

We are believing that the UK’s time has come at last, and the long awaited prophecies concerning our country from the 1980’s are ready to be fulfilled.

Its time to get ready and pray and humble ourselves, as once again the wheels of history turn as God prepares His church for another move of His Spirit.

Any questions please contact any of the churches listed above.

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