THE GOSPEL OF MARK – staying firm to the end -Mark chapter 13

Next in the series from Mark’s Gospel. The disciples ask Jesus about the end of all things. Chris shares from the main and plain words of Jesus’ answers. Jesus has been vindicated in the words he prophesied to his disciples, with the destruction of the Temple forty years later. Its a reminder to Christians not to be enamored with a world “that is passing away,” and not notice Jesus who is in your midst. To the early disciples Jesus looked pretty small compared to the incredible architectural achievement of the ancient world (the temple), yet they were in the presence of the maker of heaven and earth. Jesus’ words are a reminder to all his followers that persecution is the norm. To our many beloved beloved brothers and sisters around the world these words of Jesus are not fanciful words, but words of encouragement to remain firm, as they have to endure, beatings, deprivations torture and unjust treatment at the hands of civil authorities and community leaders. To us in the comfortable west, difficulties are still the norm, and produce in His followers character and Hope. ┬áIts full of wisdom that comes from God – enjoy

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