THE GOSPEL OF MARK -Grace: Unconditional Love – Divorce Mark 10:1-12

Next in series from Mark’s Gospel. Apologies for the very poor sound quality of this talk.  One of the main areas of discussion of the people of Jesus’ day was the subject of divorce. For some it was for any reason, and for others only for a very specific reason. Chris unpacks Jesus’ answer to the question put to him by the religious teachers – “Is it permissible to divorce for any reason” – and what He is saying to us today. This is as relevant today as when Jesus answered the originalquestion put to him.  Jesus’ answer gives us amazing insight into his respect for the law of Moses and how he places Himself above it, and how he sees differences in gender being set by the creator from the very beginning.  . Its an exciting journey as Chris unpacks more of the words of Jesus

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