Birchiko Church – Adis Ababa

Through Phil Ede, Brighton Vineyard Church has been supporting Birchiko Church, a new Church congregation planted by EECMY, The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, on the outskirts of Ethiopia. At 8 Million strong, EECMY is one of the largest Lutheran Churches, growing rapidly in one of the most heavily populated and repressed countries in Africa. The Church has a vision to establish an outreach centre but has been struggling to purchase its own building, a dire necessity where many of the congregation live in shanty conditions, and Christianity is oppressed by many in the culture.

Having been given notice to leave their old building, a new site has been found and plans are in place to secure its future

In the last couple of years Phil has taken out two sewing machines to help with their mission to support abused women. He has also taken out a PA system for their worship team, and equipment to help them build a recording studio to earn income.

The top priority for the new outreach centre is to inaugurate a new school to help prepare under privileged street kids for a place in the state education system, places are limited and entry is competitive.

Christian TV project to serve the Horn of Africa

Through Phil, Brighton Vineyard is also supporting EECMY in their endeavours to build a Broadcast TV studio and establish a new Christian TV channel to cover Ethiopia and neighbouring countries with the Gospel message, in up to 8 languages, by satellite.

He recently began conversion of an underground radio studio for television production. Here is the dedication recently made to the radio partners by Rev Yonas, the president of EECMY, with an additional summary by Wakshuma, the Media Head

Trans World Radio

Phil also supports Trans World radio, spreading the gospel in 230 different languages across the Globe, first by radio, now through a growing mobile media ministry. Projects have included medium wave transmitting stations covering vast tracts of Russia, West Africa, and the Middle East with Christian broadcasts. Results indicate slow but effective penetration of Christianity into the ever increasing unreachable places run by terrorist groups or extremist governments.

Here is the West African Transmitting Station.

If you would like to contact Phil, please contact the church office. He is always looking for partners and after regular trips to Ethiopia has much to say regarding the churches there and how we can best help them.