The Apostle of Love – walking through 1 John – Prayers God answers and prayers He doesn’t- 1 John 5:13-21

Chris shares from the end of the letter of 1 John, on the reasons that God might not answer our prayers, when we are explicitly told throughout the pages of the New Testament to approach Him boldly.  The answers from God to our prayers are as the apostle Paul and Chris reiterates “yes and amen”.   Chris takes Johns words – “according to His will,” and explains how we can understand what God’s will is, and why He might choose not to answer us.  Using a contemporary example, Chris delivers a rebuke to the lukewarm church and its ability to acquiesce to our culture – (what the bible calls the “present evil age,”) – and the great recent response from the Rev Gavin Ashenden.  Its a helpful talk, and comments are welcome on this subject.  Enjoy

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